University Code

University Rules and Resources

1. All interactions are to be safe, sane, and consensual.

2. The school has BDSM Safe Practice Officers to handle disputes between students. Any disputes will be subject to Safe Practices mediation. RAs are required to report any incidents or disputes to the Safe Practices Office.

3. All minors entering as freshmen will be subject to a psychological exam in addition to the regular personality assessment to assess emotional, mental, and sexual well being and maturity.

4. The school will hand down punishments as it sees fit.

5. Nudity is permitted in all areas of campus except for when there is a significant concern for hygiene or safety. The school reserves the right to limit outdoor nudity based on the weather.

6. Grave offenses such as rape, sexual assault, physical assault, or the ignorance of safe-words will be met with harsher punishment and/or expulsion. The school retains the right to rescind dominant status for these offenses.

7. Coprophilia, Pedophilia, and Bestiality are strictly forbidden upon punishment of expulsion.

For Staff

8. Dominant students have no authority over submissive professors.

9. Dominant professors have no authority over submissive students other than what is allowed by the individual Dominant of those students.

10. Classrooms are not to be used for D/s play during school hours except by professors to mete out punishment.

Interactions and Contracts

11. All students are to be paired with at least one member of the sex and gender to which they are attracted.

12. All paired students will enter into a D/s contract with their mate, presided over by a BDSM Safe Practices Officer. Contracts will be for a maximum of one year. Contracts may only be broken by a breach of contract by one party.

13. Students may formalize additional relationships via contract with the assistance of a BDSM Safe Practice Officer.

14. All unpaired freshman students are required to submit and will be paired based on their personality assessment.

15. D/s couples that enter the university as freshmen will be allowed to formalize their relationships. The Dominant will be required to have a Dominant Upperclassman or Upperclasswoman mentor.


16. Each submissive party will have a slow-word and a safe-word. All slow-words and safe-words will be respected. Dominants who do not respect slow-words and safe-words will be punished up to and including temporary or permanent stripping of their Dominant status

17. Submissives are autonomous beings and only defined as property through the particulars of their contract. They are to be respected in both manners. Submission is a gift, not a given.

18. All submissives will have clearly defined limits. Limits may be added to or subtracted from at any time by the submissive.


19. Dominants will mark their ownership of their property through clearly defined clothing, jewelry, or physical markings.

20. Dominants shall respect other Dominants’ rules and their submissives and their limits.

21. All formalized couples will keep their online rules and limits page up to date.

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