The University

The University de Sade is a French-American private university located in Slope County North Dakota just outside the limits of the village of Charenton. Founded in 1928 by Audrey Rebell, daughter of noted French Erotica Author Hughes Rebell (real name Georges Grassall) and  her husband and Dominant Jack Abrahms.  The university was intended as a safe haven for those within the BDSM lifestyle, so that they could further their education in contemporary fields of knowledge and in BDSM.  The school and the adjacent town have always intertwined BDSM mores and law.

Rebell and Abrahms met early resistance to their school as BDSM was, and still is not legally distinguished from nonconsensual abuse and assault although upon announcement of their move to North Dakota, stances softened somewhat.  Calvin Coolidge is quoted as saying “If we cannot destroy them, and no civilized man would, then let them go where they are far from even the most remote vestiges of decent society.”  The then still young state of North Dakota welcomed them with open arms.

The school is run by a board of five Governors, each with equal administrative power and each responsible for a segment of the student body.  They are the Headmaster, Headmistress, Submaster, Submistress, and Switchmaster/mistress.

The student population varies as students are at minimum paired into Dominant and submissive couples.  (The students may formalize additional relationships if they choose.)  All freshman must submit (with the Dominant half of D/s couples entering as freshman required to ‘submit’ to a Dominant upperclass mentor) and thus incoming freshman classes are sized to meet the demand for available submissives.  The school’s sizable switch population allows for some versatility in this manner.

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