Salihah Haddad

Salihah Haddad is a caregiver first and foremost, her submission predicated on sensual service.  She is an even split bisexual which has made her unsuitable for her traditional Muslim upbringing despite her strong sense of submission.

Salihah is empathetic to a fault and very much in tune with the emotions of those around her making her the perfect partner for Resident Adviser Ash.  She enjoys tending to her mates; with men that manifests more as submission and with women as domination, but she does not engage in BDSM with women.  In addition to her primary relationship with Ash Johnson, she has a side relationship with Diosa Torres.

Name: Salihah Haddad
Born December 1st, 1994
Birthplace Cairo, Egypt
Major Massage Therapy
Height / Weight 6’4″ 165 pounds
Breas Size 34 B
Hair / Eye Color Black brown
Hairstyle long and straight
Dress traditional Muslim Egyptian
Gender / Orientation Cis-female Bisexual
Age/Class/Role 20 / Junior
Pubic Hair Full wax
Oral / Anal Yes Yes
Favorite Sex Position Unknown

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