Mallory Arrington

Character Bio:

Mallory Arrington comes from the remnants of southern plantation royalty.  Her name and her upbringing were an homage to the oligarchs that colonized the early south.

An only child born into significant wealth, Arrington is very, very used to getting her way, to the point of coming to expect it.  Dominance is as much a part of her personality as it is her sexuality.  Unlike many rich southern families, the Arrington family’s servants were well treated, well paid, and respected, almost family members themselves.  To order a servant was to be expected, but to mistreat one would earn harsh rebukes from the family elders.

As such Mallory has a strong fondness for her lessers, often indistinguishable from a maternal protectiveness.  Her dominance is so inherent, her will so absolute, and her ability to cajole and manipulate so finely honed, she often doesn’t need to appear overtly dominant.  She doesn’t bend people to her will, they bend themselves.

Name: Mallory Elizabeth Arrington
Born August 21st, 1972
Birthplace Raleigh, North Carolina
Height / Weight 5’10” 145 pounds
Breast Size 34 C
Hair / Eye Color Black Green
Hairstyle Elegant braids
Dress Plantation Owner
Gender / Orientation Cis-female Heterofelxible
Age/Class/Role 42 / Headmistress
Pubic Hair Full Wax
Oral / Anal Yes – both Yes – giving
Favorite Sex Position Strapon Anal

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