Hikari Sakai

Hikari Sakai is a bubbly extrovert who brings nothing but energy and joy to social interactions.  Behind the friendly exterior though is a creative and calculating Domme.  She is often several steps ahead of her subs, and rules through this intelligence.  Sakai is extremely adept at keying in on the most submissive aspect of her men and enhancing them to suit her needs or desires.

Name: Hikari Sakai
Born October 23rd, 1995
Birthplace San Francisco, CA
Major Computer Science
Height / Weight 5’3″ 110 Pounds
Breast Size A Cup
Hair / Eye Color Black Dark green
Hairstyle Long, straight
Dress Bubbly, nerdy
Gender / Orientation Cis-Female Straight
Age/Class/Role 18 / Sophomore
Pubic Hair Full, maintained
Oral / Anal Yes Yes
Favorite Sex Position unknown
Virgin Yes
Loss of Virginity N/A
Submissive Dylan McGuire
No. Rule Exceptions
1.       You will call me Empress Hikari or Empress Kari.
2.       You are my cute little doll, pet, and boy toy.
3.       Which one you are depends on the day.
4.       I will review your wardrobe.
5.       We will purchase new clothes if it is not up to par.
6.       I will select your going out and your staying in clothes each morning.
7.       You will do all of the chores.
8.       You will do what I say.
9.       You will be punished when naughty.

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