Francis Elizabeth Seilmann

Francis bears the middle name of the mother who died giving birth to him, given to him by her wife Amanda in her honor.  The son of a teacher and a social worker, he is quiet, thoughtful, and empathetic.  His solitude and his silence should not be taken as shyness however, as his personality is emblazoned with a strong sense of self-confidence.

Francis, (who prefers to go by Liz) despite his nerdy quietude, is prone to babbling and over-thinking in the presence of people he likes and trusts.  He is more cautious than adventurousness, but has a subtle bold streak to him that suits him well as a Dom.  He is deeply in tune with his submissives and often well liked (to the point of having left a trail of broken hearts as he searches for what he wants.)  His sense of empathy and his observational skills make him capable of developing strong connections with submissives and their wants very quickly and making them lose themselves in subspace is perhaps his favorite activity.

Name: Francis Elizabeth Seilmann
Major Media: Adult Entertainment
Born November 12th 1994
Birthplace Buffalo, New York
Height / Weight 5’10” 140 pounds
Dick Size 7 inches, circumsized
Hair / Eye Color medium brown dark green
Hairstyle short, messy
Dress comfortable / functional
Gender / Orientation Cis-male Pansexual
Age/Class/Role 20 / Junior
Pubic Hair Shaved
Oral / Anal Yes Yes
Favorite Sex Position Blowjob
Virgin No
Loss of Virginity Age 18 Female
Submissive Ellie Jensen
Limits No blood, scat, animals, children
1. This is a relationship built on honesty, trust, and respect.  You will show these qualities at all times.
2.  You are a human being.  I expect you to think for yourself.  I expect you to show initiative.
3. You are also my property. I expect you to be compliant and fully invested in servicing me at all times.
4. Though mine supersede yours, this list will grow according to the needs and desires of both of us.
5. You will be dressed or undressed as I choose.

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