Ellie Jensen

Character Bio:
Ellie Jensen is a 16 year old runaway from rural Florida. The only structure she’s known in her home life is that of abuse. She craves order, discipline, and role models, both a male she can service, and a female she can look up to. She is more emotionally attracted to women but more sexually attracted to men at this point. She is feisty, but timid and nervous when confronted.

She is “one of the boys” both by nature and as a survival instinct with her family. She both detests and craves femininity.  Ellie struggles to reconcile the fantasy of BDSM with real world lifestyle relationships.  She is naive and at times eager to her own detriment.

Name: Ellie Marie Jensen
Born March 5th, 1998
Birthplace Pensacola, Florida
Major Late Adolescent / Early Adult Psychology
Height / Weight 5′ 4″ 125 pounds
Breast Size 34C
Hair / Eye Color Blonde Green
Hairstyle Long and straight / Ponytail
Dress Southern tomboy
Submissive Gender / Orientation Cis – Female Heteroflexible
Submissive Age/Class 16 / Freshman
Pubic Hair Full Wax
Oral / Anal Yes Yes
Favorite Sex Position Unknown
Virgin No
Loss of Virginity Age 15 Male
Dominant Francis Seilmann
Limits Scat, blood, watersports
1. This is a relationship built on honesty, trust, and respect.  You will show these qualities at all times.
2.  You are a human being.  I expect you to think for yourself.  I expect you to show initiative.
3. You are also my property. I expect you to be compliant and fully invested in servicing me at all times.
4. Though mine supersede yours, this list will grow according to the needs and desires of both of us.
5. I will be dressed or undressed as Sir chooses.

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