Dylan McGuire

Dylan McGuire grew up very nerdy in a distinctly unnerdy part of Texas.  His family is very loving and not abusive, they just don’t understand him and why he’s not more like a typical Texan.  He headed to the University de Sade early to get away from home.  They’re happy to see him there because they think it is a religious school.

Dylan is one of the UDS’s rare virgin freshmen although he has some experience outside of sex.

Name: Dylan James McGuire
Born November 1st, 1996
Birthplace Dallas, TX
Major Computer Science / Web Infrastructure
Height / Weight 5’6″ 135 pounds
Dick Size 5.5 inches circumsized
Hair / Eye Color Dark brown blue
Hairstyle shaggy
Dress nerdy
Gender / Orientation Cis-Male Unsure
Age/Class/Role 17 / Freshman
Pubic Hair Shaved
Oral / Anal Yes virgin
Favorite Sex Position unknown
Virgin Yes
Dominant Hikari Sakai
1.       You will call me Empress Hikari or Empress Kari.
2.       You are my cute little doll, pet, and boy toy.
3.       Which one you are depends on the day.
4.       I will review your wardrobe.
5.       We will purchase new clothes if it is not up to par.
6.       I will select your going out and your staying in clothes each morning.
7.       You will do all of the chores.
8.       You will do what I say.
9.       You will be punished when naughty.

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