Ash Johnson

Ash Johnson is a mountain of a human being at 6’8″ tall and 325 pounds.  A black body builder with a penchant for seriousness, he is one of the most intimidating people on campus.  His authority as an RA is unquestioned and absolute.  He is very protective of those weaker than him, which is most people, especially when they are being taken advantage of.

Ash is usually a softspoken and patient individual, the sheer intimidation factor of his size making it very unnecessary for him to ever need to be loud to prove himself.  However, in a crisis he is very capable of using that size and strength to take control of a situation.

Ash was abandoned as an infant in New York City and grew up in Harlem under adoptive parents with three older brothers.  He is very curious about his heritage, both as an individual, and as a black man.

Name: Ash Johnson
Born April 21st, 1993
Birthplace Harlem, NY
Major Cultural Studies
Height / Weight 6’8″ 320 pounds
Dick size 7 inches, uncircumcised
Hair / Eye Color Black brown
Hairstyle shaved
Dress bodybuilder
Gender / Orientation Cis-male Straight
Age/Class/Role 21 / Senior RA
Pubic Hair Trimmed

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