Adam Cutter

Adam Cutter is more of a bottom than a traditional submissive.  Independent and confident, his submission is defined almost entirely sexually.  It is this confidence, some would call it contemptuous arrogance, that makes him an ideal representative Submaster for the University’s submissive male population, even at his young age.

Cutter’s defensive-aggressive tendencies, borne out of a childhood that was pre-transition and absent male coming of age experiences, suits him well in standing up for a population that might, by its nature, normally be easily quashed.

Country-raised with city intelligence, Cutter doesn’t really fit into either niche, finding a comfortable home with Charenton’s diverse population.

Name: Adam Cutter
Born July 24th, 1990
Birthplace Cumberland, Maryland
Height / Weight 5’6″ 165 pounds
Profession Submaster
Hair / Eye Color blonde blue
Hairstyle Shaved
Dress Country
Gender / Orientation Trans Male Pansexual
Age/Class/Role 24 / Submaster
Pubic Hair Shaved
Oral / Anal Yes Yes
Favorite Sex Position Anal
Virgin No
Dominant Damien Foster
Limits No electricity, no fire play

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