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“You and I don’t have a future together.” She sat on the bed next to Jack, fully dressed.  Straight to the point.  Kenzi didn’t usually have a problem with difficult conversations, but she stuttered as she got the words out.  She forced her eyes to stay focused on Jack, to gauge his reaction. He simply nodded, and then he smiled a thin smile, his eyes flitting away.  There were tears there…almost.

“You and I aren’t the greatest fit, are we?” He let out a long sigh.

“I um…still want to fuck,” Kenzi said.  The second part was more difficult to get out and less well formed in her mind.  “And submit.  I just don’t feel like I can be committed to someone right now.  You seem very okay with this.”

Jack shrugged.  “I get my alone time and I still get to fuck you?  Sounds like a win-win to me.”  Kenzi laughed.  “I kind of thought that you needed to have more freedom than the typical Dom – freshman sub relationship allows.  I’m supposed to be as much a mentor as a Dom.  No reason I can’t be more the former than the latter.  And you know I’m perfectly happy to be left alone.”

“And you get to fuck me,” Kenzi grinned at him coyly.

“Yeah how does that work?” Jack asked, rising from his chair and walking over to Kenzi.  “Do I just…” He grabbed a handful of hair and dragged a moaning Kenzi to her knees, rubbing her face on his cock through his shorts.

“Mmm, yes Sir,” Kenzi replied, folding her arms behind her back.  Jack reached down and relieved her of her shirt, grabbing a handful of each of her breasts as he straightened.

“In some ways it’s even more humiliating to you now,” he said, unzipping and allowing his cock to spill over the waistbands of his shorts and boxers.  “You don’t even belong to me and yet look at you.” He slid his half hard cock between her lips, growing to full length in a few seconds and pressing it into the back of her throat.  Kenzi’s eyes rolled back in her head as she gagged on it, the heaving causing her breasts to bounce and only encouraging Jack.

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