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Ellie stood there in the woods, her wrists bound to a branch high above that she had no hope of reaching, her legs tethered to stakes on either side of her, held wide, her pussy glistening and occasionally sending a droplet of hot arousal down to the forest floor.  She was blinded by black cloth and her ears were covered with large wireless headphones blasting music from an iPod settled on a nearby stump.

Liz was nowhere she could sense, presumably snapping photos with a camera, but the possibility existed that he was gone entirely and that she was all alone in the woods, naked and vulnerable.  Or a crowd had come to gather to watch her hang there in humiliation, to enjoy her nudity and take photos of their own to enjoy later.

‘He wouldn’t do that,’ she reminded herself, but the longer she hung there, the stronger the feeling got.

And then she felt him, idle fingers running across her stomach down to her pussy, ignoring it in favor of tracing the curvature of her thighs.  He rubbed her clit, working it in slow circles before plunging his fingers into her.  They felt like Liz’s fingers, long and strong and well-practiced, but she had no real idea.  It could be a stranger finger-fucking her in the woods.  The thought made her drip.

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