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Arrington procured bit gags and leather harnesses from a shed just off the corner of the Governors’ mansion.  At a hitching post to the side stood two men tied off by their balls, their translucent chastity devices gleaming in the summer sun.  They both wore black leather armbinders restraining their wrists and pulling their elbows together forcing their chests out.  Arrington ran her hand down the chest of one of the strapping men, smiling as it crossed over well defined abs and into his completely shaved pubic region.

With no hair and his cock confined within the chastity device, his manhood looked rather small, and that fact made her grin widen.  His companion was similarly attired, though as she approached she noticed a rise in the chastity devices of both men.  Their poor little cocks were trying to get hard.  She caressed their balls, adding to their consternation before beginning to outfit them.

She added blinders as well and grabbed a whip before settling into the small one person carriage drawn by the two men.  She often walked around campus, and generally preferred to do so, but every once in a while enjoyed taking advantage of the luxuries of her position.  Plus with a pair of well-muscled bare backsides in front of her, the view was undeniably nice.

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