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“Good evening, I’m Manic Pixie Nightmare and this is The Marionette!”  The stage was lit up with a young girl laying prone on the wood with several strands of neon paracord rope stretching from her body to the ceiling that shone brightly under the black light in the darkened auditorium.  Music began to play, the ropes went taut and the girl began to rise.

She was clad in loose doll’s clothes, a raggedy black button up and trousers.  The ropes pulled her in time to the music across the stage, the girl’s hands and feet limply following, doing a good job to make it look like she was really being controlled.

The music reached a crescendo and two of the ropes were yanked hard, tearing off her top and bottom and leaving The Marionette clad in a black bra and panties contrasting against her pale white skin.  Her arms were pulled above her head to give the audience an unhindered view and as skin stretched it became clear that the ropes were not tied, but attached to hooks embedded in her skin.

Her dance became more violent now showcasing her predicament and causing her large breasts to bounce in the ill-fitting bra.  She was a typical goth girl, pale skin, long black hair, and a soft but undeniably delectable body beneath her black attire.

Manic Pixie Nightmare gave another yank and her bra was ripped off, leaving The Marionette topless for all to see, the metal barbells piercing her nipples twinkling in the stage light. They weren’t the only metal in her body, with longer barbells through her hips and lower back, snakebites, a tongue piercing, a septum piercing, and too many ear piercings to count.