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Evelyn Sanchez walked up and down the line of new pledges, surveying the crop before them.  There had been five graduating seniors the previous year and so there were five new boys to replace them, although three of those that had graduated were remaining in Charenton and would continue to be involved with Omicron Upsilon Kappa.  Behind her stood the rest of the Fraternity’s Governesses, four women, their faces masked with bandanas like Evelyn’s, their eyes offering the only window into their thoughts that the new pledges would get.

The fraternity’s current members, all thirteen of them, were behind her as well, kneeling at the feet of the women in neat rows.  Evelyn walked down the row of kneeling pledges, using her crop to spread the legs of a few that were not wide enough for her satisfaction and to prod at the cocks that had begun to grow stiff.

“We had eleven hopefuls this year,” she started, looking into the eyes of each of the newcomers, smirking when they strayed from hers to survey her body, wrapped in a tight black corset, garters, and thigh high boots.  She wore it, not as a tool of male pleasure, but as a uniform that signified her superiority.  As the house was kept warm for the benefit of the oft nude men, dressing down was also the more comfortable choice.

“You are the five that have been selected,” she continued.  “Don’t take that to mean you are good candidates, merely that you are better than the other six.”  As she spoke, she noted several of the cocks rose to their full height.  It was an impressive crop, with the smallest coming in at just under five inches and the largest a rather impressive nine.  She did like the large ones, the ones that she knew would be getting so much attention were they not property of the Governesses.  She hoped his stamina was as impressive as his size.

“We know your limits.  You know, to a degree, what the pledge process entails.  Do you consent to begin this process?”

“Yes Governess,” came the reply of five voices.  Evelyn grinned before turning back to the kneeling members.  “Prepare them.”

Ten men stepped forward, five of them holding packs of ice, five of them holding chastity devices.  This was her second favorite part of the ceremony.  Chastity so often manifested as a fantasy in male minds, something they craved from the comforts of their computer chairs, knowing that they could still cum at any time they desired.  Facing the reality was far different.  Especially without a timeline for their celibacy.

She heard several grunts as the icepacks were applied to soften the men up for their confinement.  No doubt the pain would be doubly arousing for some, but eventually biology would take over and their cocks would be locked up, as they should be.  She stood over them, surveying the progress, noting that several of the new pledges looked decidedly less sure about what they were getting themselves into.

One by one the chastity devices went on and were padlocked into place.  Each Governess wore a red key, one for each pledge, this crop had been convenient that way.  The keys for the remaining members of the fraternity were held in a combination safe in the main foyer.  Five of those keys had been retrieved.  This was her favorite part.

Her and the other Governesses unlocked the chastity cages of five of the men, those that had exhibited the best behavior in the weeks leading up to this night.  They each had the date of their last orgasm written in sharpie on the smooth skin just above their cocks.  The length of denial depended on several factors, though it was mostly the whims of the Governesses and the men’s behavior.  Three of these men hadn’t cum in the past week or more.  That was part of the reason they had been selected.  The other was that their sizes were large, but not massive.

As the chastity cages were removed all five started to grow in length, prompted on by the women until they all stood at full attention facing the pledges and their newly restrained cocks.  The Governesses prompted the standing men forward until they towered over those kneeling.

“You’re on your knees.  There’s a cock in front of you.  I think you all know what to do,” she chastised them.  All of them men had indicated they were bisexual, bi-curious, or into forced-bi play.  It was mandatory at the fraternity.  But some were more honest about it and more willing than others.

To their credit all five of the pledges rose with only a slight hesitation. Three of the men immediately moved forward and, judging by the reactions of the standing men, knew what they were doing. The other two paused a split second before complying, a look of resigned unwillingness etched upon their faces as they began to suck.

Evelyn enjoyed watching men suck cock, especially when they were new at it.  It was amusing to see the humiliation on their faces as they found they were rather good at it.  Having played with their dicks often enough, they always had a good idea of what men other men liked.  Judging by the moans of the five tops, this crop was doing quite well.

“You may cum when you are able,” Evelyn told those being serviced, surveying the bodies of those she found particularly delectable.  Of the bottoms she already had one in mind for the next step of their initiation.  For the very first fraternity party of the year, when they were soliciting new pledges, they’d been told to come as female eye candy with no explanation as to what that meant.  The other four had all shown up in different variations of the same theme: scantily clad male.  Disappointing.  Although she had to give some credit to the one who’d come in a Slave Leia costume.

But not Grant, Grant had come in an immaculately tailored suit, a tall, fit, blonde walking male power fantasy.  And now he was on his knees sucking cock with the rest of them, his sizable piece locked away.

Grant understood that female domination wasn’t about the man.  It wasn’t about getting off in a new way with a Dominatrix stereotype handing down choreographed orders, doling out choreographed pain.  It was about Female Supremacy and male inferiority, either in the moment, or as a lifestyle.  The pledges had a lot to learn, but Grant was further along than the rest of them.  Grant was well-trained.  Better, Grant relished the unexpected, the cruel, or magnanimous, whims of a Mistress.  Grant liked the play, not just the finish.

Of course, that he was so well prepared for things made him more difficult to mentally torment.  He came without the shyness or the reticence that so many other submissives possessed.  He knew himself well and knew what he was comfortable with and what he wasn’t.  So many of his boundaries had been laid out and being deprived of that exploration was somewhat disappointing.  Evelyn also liked the game as much as she liked the final score.

She heard one of the bottoms grunt and turned to see them pulling off their cock, cum dribbling down on their chin to the floor.  One of Evelyn’s fellow Governesses grabbed him by the hair and pushed his face to the floor.

“Lick it up,” she commanded.  “Cum does not go wasted in this house.”  Still, the man hesitated, his face thoroughly pale at the prospect of licking the floor.  “Oh give me a break, you men expect women to lick this stuff off your nasty cocks.  This floor is cleaner than your cock.  Isn’t it?”  She turned up to the top.

“Yes Governess.”

“He should know, he’s one of the ones that cleaned it, and the reason he’s getting his cock sucked is because he’s especially good at doing the things we tell him.  Now lick his cum off the floor.”

The man winced and stuck his tongue out, allowing Governess Catherine to press his head further down.  When there was nothing but the reflecting slick of saliva left she turned to the remaining four pledges and their tops.

“Has anyone else cum yet?”  Four heads shook in the negative.  “Maintain for a moment.”  She retreated back to the other three Governess who were watching the spectacle from the darkened side of the room with the remaining male house members.  She returned with a pair of cuffs and a black ring gag.  She applied them to the offending slave, his mouth held open in a silent ‘O’ by the gag.  He did not look thrilled by the prospect.

“When you’re ready you are all to cum in this one’s mouth,” she said, taking a hint of satisfaction in the new slave’s pleading eyes.  “Continue.”

One by one the men continued sucking, and Evelyn noted that they seemed to be more full of effort than they did before.  It was amusing how men treated cum, even their own, like it was some kind of radioactive substance.  She had rarely seen such reluctance to do something that was so mundane and so easy.  They’d so willingly accepted their chastity devices, volunteering for physical restraint, and yet they couldn’t bring themselves to drink a simple liquid.  Laughable.

One by one the men reached the point of no return, pulled their cocks from the new pledges’ mouths and shot thick streams into the offender’s throat.  The ring was too small for most of them to fit, but they could press their heads partially into it to ensure that he bore the full force and volume of the liquid, and given how long it’d been since they’d cum, it was a lot of liquid.

She noticed that the gagged man didn’t spill a single drop from any of the remaining four, even when the last two had barely given him a moment to breathe between them before filling him with their semen.  There were some benefits to disciplining with a heavy hand.

Evelyn preferred to toy with men, to deny them something they so deeply wanted so that the things they’d expressed reluctance to do became their deepest desires.  That was why Grant so intrigued her, where exactly could she push his comfort?  There were some benefits of course to high advanced level of training, having a cowed male naked and kneeling at your feet was nice.  Grant was certainly an attractive man, but she wanted to build something, not acquire something.  So far she hadn’t yet figured out what that would be, not with him anyway.  The other pledges had their own areas in which they could improve, as did several of the house slaves.

She stepped towards the object of her desire, taking satisfaction in the gleaming steel of his chastity device.  His package, larger than most, required a larger device, and given its girth, could also support a heavier one.  The metal devices, unless they had a perfect fit, slipped off the wearer’s cock and quickly became the wrong kind of uncomfortable.  But Grant’s fit snugly and lay flush to his pelvic bone, and the steel gave a truly domineering and inescapable feel.  Plastic or resin devices, so long as they didn’t pinch, often grew invisible to the user, but steel…steel could not be ignored.

Grant’s also had a small eye welded into the top just above the head of his cock to which Evelyn attached a clip and leather lead.  She stopped for a moment to fondle his balls.  They were so nice and large, fair but not pale, and of course perfectly smooth.  The Governesses didn’t always agree on several things, but they agreed that male genitalia needed to be hairless.

As she fondled him, she saw Grant’s cock attempting and failing to grow hard within the device.  It bulged out of the slits and turned a lovely shade of purple.  Grant looked neither embarrassed nor particularly concerned, but she could see his façade falling away as she played with him.  He was horny, and though he was in more control of himself than the other men, she could use that to her advantage.  She dropped his package and filed away the info for later use.

“Ungh” he gave a short grunt as she turned and tugged on the leash, led through the basement and to the steps by his cock and balls.  She procured a set of leather restraints from the cabinet and slapped those on him as well and she couldn’t help but admire the flexing of his biceps as he tested them.  The neutralization of strength turned her on greatly and two of Grant’s biggest sources were all locked up behind his back.

She pulled the leash high so that Grant’s soft cock was forced upward and swung a flat palm to his balls.  Grant grunted and his legs folded, pulling the leash taught.  Evelyn reached a hand out and he flinched again only to relax as she tenderly caressed them.  Even the most well trained and confident men could still be brought to humility through their balls.

One by one the women led the pledges back up the stairs to the house’s living room where a large chore chart was printed on a whiteboard in the hall leading to the main foyer.  The house tasks were divvied up evenly among them men, and then the fraternity members were each allowed to assign one of their chores to a new pledge, doubling and in some cases tripling their work.

“Sexuality is only one aspect of serving,” Evelyn said to them as she unclipped Grant’s leash and eyed their chastity devices, letting it sink in just how far away that sexuality was at the moment.  “To get even a chance at what you want,” she continued.  “You will first do what we want.  You have until nine this evening to finish your work, at which point we will reconvene and it will be assessed.  If you finish early, the day is yours until then.  Now get started.”

Next to the chore chart was also a chastity chart detailing each male’s last date of orgasm and whether it was a ruined or full orgasm.  The Governesses differed on how often a man should cum and so male orgasms could be doled out by any one of them.  The chart helped maintain order and make sure none of the men came too much.

The chart also had a space for the longest they had gone without both a full orgasm and any orgasm at all.  For each of the pledges they would be going two weeks without cumming, the length of the pledge process.  Grant eyed that figure at the top of the board warily.  His glance also lingered on the house’s current chastity record, an even fifty days.

“I’m sure we’ll have you breaking that,” Evelyn teased, causing Grant to gulp hard.   “A cock this nice, why on earth would we let it cum when we can just keep it hard all the time?”  He had no response to that, merely waiting.  She realized after a few seconds that it was because his wrists were still restrained behind his back.  “I’m not uncuffing you,” she said.  “Get to work.”  With that she stalked off.  She hoped his jaw would be up to holding various cleaning implements, she wanted to make use of him later.




Riley Grimes led one of the upperclass fraternity members to her shared bedroom.  Her boyfriend, Chet, short for Chester.  She hated that name, typical white boy name.  Loved the boy, but hated the name.

Chet worshipped her blackness.  Initially she’d hated that too, she didn’t want to be anyone’s trope, their token African fantasy.  But he didn’t just superficially worship the color of her skin.  He worshipped the strength it gave her, the hardships that she’d shared with other black students at the university and the ones that were unique to her alone.  Things he’d admitted he would never truly understand as someone who hadn’t grown up with her experiences.  That was one of the things she loved about him, that he didn’t understand, but he was willing to empathize and listen and support her just the same.  And admit when he was wrong.  She hadn’t found that in a man before.  It was a curiosity.

A dark leather leash ran from her impeccably manicured hands to a collar around Chet’s neck.  Her collar.  It was something she’d bestowed upon him just over a year previous and she swelled with pride and affection every time she saw that dark black stripe around his neck.

Chet dropped to his hands and knees once he was inside her room, his arms and legs spread wide in the open space on the hardwood at the end of her bed.  Like every other male in the house he wore nothing but a collar and a chastity device.  Her chastity device too.  Her neck, her cock, her balls, her orgasms, all of it hers.

Riley locked the door and looked down approvingly on her boyfriend.  She quickly shed her own clothes now that they were in private and moved to stand over him.  She acknowledged that it made sense for her to be more dressed than the men in the house when outside her room, but in here, in front of her love, she preferred to be naked as well.  There was humility in his nudity and power in hers.

She reached down and unclipped the leash and hung it on a hook on the back of the door.  It would only get in the way.  She unlocked his collar too and hung that up as well.  She wanted full access to his neck.  She stood over him, straddling the middle of his back and bent over to wrap a hand around it.  Squeezing, she pulled back his head, as a man fucking a woman doggy-style might do, and grinned at the sight of his body contorted back into an uncomfortable position.

Her biceps flexed as she pulled him to his knees by it and then walked around him to take a seat on the edge of her bed.  His eyes flitted right where they should, to her pussy, but she had other plans for him.  Lifted one of her feet until it was at head level.  Chet took it in his hands as though he were handling a sacred object and kissed the sole of her foot gently.  Then he licked it, a long, hard, powerful lick that was better than the touch of any masseuse she’d ever had.  She knew Chet liked it because of the humility, and while that did hold a certain appeal, she mostly just liked it because it felt so fucking good.

“Mmm,” she moaned and leaned back as Chet caressed her foot with his hands, kissing her toes one by one and taking each into his mouth.  No matter how much she tried, she always seemed to spend a lot of time on her feet, working, managing the house, and Chet’s mouth was always a welcome reprieve.

Chet continued his work, massaging, stroking and licking her feet until she let out a long low sigh and pulled them away.  She shut her eyes and laid back on the bed for several long moments, basking in the relaxation of it all until she felt Chet’s lips on her calf.

She laughed, he could never keep his mouth idle for long, and she was more than happy to reap the benefits.  He began slowly kissing his way up, and when he reached her knees, she leaned forward and ran her hands through his hair, watching his eyes shut in his own moment of bliss until she closed her fists and brought him to his destination.

“Mm, fuck yeah,” she moaned as he licked up and down her lips.  Chet was a master of the build – he never went straight for the sweet spot, he was patient.  He understood that making a woman cum wasn’t a start to finish act, but an atmosphere he had to create.  His tongue worked precise circles, always managing to just miss the most sensitive spot on her clit, teasing her, but making sure she knew that the moment was all about her pleasure.

She dug her nails into his muscular, arched back, prompting a whimper that sent shivers down her own spine.  She could feel the urgency and the energy of his pain flowing from his back to his mouth as his licks grew faster and sloppier.  The more distress she could put him in, the harder she would cum.

Long red lines appeared across his skin as his tongue kept working her, bringing her higher.  His pained whimpers drove her to a state of euphoria.  She could feel herself starting to get close after several long minutes of pussy worship, but they both knew that this wasn’t how things would end.

With a fistful of hair, she pulled his mouth off her, dripping with saliva and pussy juices, and dragged him onto the bed, throwing him down onto his back.  She pinned his arms at the elbows with her knees and lowered her pussy down onto his lips.  She could usually only get off one way…riding his face.

With her grip, she pulled his mouth back to her pussy and began grinding her hips.  The time for teasing was over, it was time for him to make her cum.  His tongue finally found the right spot on her clit but it didn’t feel good enough.  He was teasing her again.  She reached back, and before he could begin to defend himself, hit his balls with a hard slap.

His cry of pain felt so good muffled beneath her lips, and more importantly, he got the message.  He knew how to lick her, and she knew it.  His tongue finally found the right rhythm.  For good measure she slapped his balls again.  His body spasmed and he let out a cry and she felt her pleasure spike, but she didn’t quite get there.

She pulled his mouth in tighter.  He had the lungs of a marathoner by now with all the times they’d done this.  She slapped his balls again and tears began to run in streaks down his face.  “Ungh, fuck,” she moaned, gyrating over his mouth.  She slapped him again and again and again and he began to whimper and beg, but he kept his mouth on her pussy.  He started to close his legs and she slapped him again.  Hard.  He instinctively lunged forward, pressing his tongue hard into her clit and that was it.  She grabbed his hair with both hands and thrusted into his mouth like she was fucking him for all he was worth as wave after wave of pleasure rained down on her.  For a brief second she felt like she was levitating as the world seemed to spin around her.  Chet’s tongue became an abstract, something she could feel but not quite comprehend.  Her muscles contracted over and over and each one was like a release valve of pleasure being opened.  She wanted to ride him and beat him for forever so her orgasm would never stop.

After several moments she let go of his hair, letting a panting Chet drop his head down to the bed.  Rather than get off him, she turned around.  “Spread,” she commanded him.

“Please no…”  She saw how red his balls were and smiled with satisfaction.  Despite self-preservation, he complied and spread his legs, leaving himself vulnerable.  He flinched as she slapped him one last time, but she swung her hand fast enough and hard enough that she hit him square in his balls despite his best efforts.  He tried to fold into a ball beneath her and only now did she get off him and allow him to.  After using a towel to wipe the juices off herself, she curled up next to him to help him recover.