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It had been three days since Liz had let her cum and the arousal that usually stayed at a low buzz amidst regular sex had risen to an unavoidable roar.  It didn’t help that he was mercilessly skilled with his fingers and when he fucked her from behind they always found their way around her legs to her clit for a time.  But not long enough, not this week and her desperation had reached a boiling point.

She knelt in front of his computer chair, sucking him slowly.  Not enough to get him off, per his orders, just enough to keep him aroused and to reinforce her place.  He ran his left hand down to the back of her head as he clicked the mouse, running it through the long stubble that was at a point to where it could finally be called hair.  Faint gray lines made up most of the word ‘SLUT’ as it had washed off in the shower over the course of the past week.

Their relationship rose and fell with the boldness of the markings as Liz had rewritten them on her forehead more than once.  They often fell into more vanilla roles, both of them needing time to recharge their batteries between scenes.  Sometimes the only indication of her submission was the faint lines and the willingness with which she sucked his cock.  And the fact that she hadn’t cum.

She picked up her pace as he touched her.  A hand on the back of her head never failed to send shivers down her spine.  There was no greater feeling of being owned than a hard cock in her mouth and a hand on the back of her head informing her that it was going to stay there.