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Salihah felt like the Headmistress’s eyes could see every curve beneath her billowy robe that revealed only a shallow crescented contour of hip as it lay swirled around her.  Arrington’s eyes always sparkled with the impression that she was seeing you naked at every moment and perhaps she had chanced upon her disrobed with Ash at some point, but right now her body was hidden behind a fortress of silks.

That was of little comfort as Arrington mulled the decision from behind her desk.  Had the Headmistress been standing, Salihah would have stood over her by a few inches, unless she had a particularly high pair of heels on her.  Even so, the older woman dominated the room, her sheer force of personality shrinking everything around her.

“It’s not that the idea is without merit,” Arrington said.  “It’s a question of how we should go about it.”

Salihah looked back at her confused.  “Do you mean the type of building?  I think a simple-“

“No.”  Arrington cut her off.  She drummed her fingers on the desk for a few moments.  “There is a fine line between being a beacon of power for those that lack it, and being someone’s over-protective mother.  I will agree to the idea…provided it comes from those seeking it, Bristow and whomever she wishes to bring.”

“There was…some opposition to the idea…” Salihah said, waiting for Arrington to interject and then continuing with the story when the older woman said nothing.

“I see,” she replied.  “It’s strange to think of the religious as a vulnerable

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