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When Ellie walked into room 313 for the new student meetup, several sets of eyes turned to the writing on her head.  She paused in the doorframe before entering, taken aback by the sudden attention before Kenzi took her by the hand and pulled her in.  There were refreshments set up on a desk at the front, cheese and crackers and sausages and cookies along with two sheets of pizza and several options for soda.

Like many things at the university, she’d gone in expecting something so dark and serious and found something mundane.  As the attention broke from her and Kenzi and the idle chatter returned, she felt more at ease.  Her partner in crime, wearing a short pair of mesh shorts and a t-shirt, sauntered up to the table and grabbed a handful of everything without so much as acknowledging the plates.  Ellie filled hers with a slice of pizza and a modest assortment of cheeses before taking a seat next to Kenzi at one of the desks Salihah had arranged into a horseshoe around her solitary chair.

Ash was nowhere to be found, Ellie saw with disappointment, pining for the RA’s quiet wisdom.  She looked around the room, surveying the other attendees.  There were only twelve of them but soon there would be hundreds, a whole freshman class of young, eager students.  They were going to need a bigger room.

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