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“How was your first day?” Liz asked as he and Ellie walked home hand in hand after their shifts.

“One time, I mistook the hot sauce bottle for the ketchup bottle,” Ellie recounted.

“How’d that go over?”

“Not well.”

Liz laughed, “well I’m sure it’s all uphill from there.  Especially when our paychecks start coming in.”

Ellie nodded.  In truth, despite the mistake, which had earned some loud complaining, she was looking forward to going to work again.  It was yet another rung on the ladder of freedom, both the responsibility and the money that came with it.  She’d never had her own money before…what would she spend it on?  Hell, she didn’t even have a bank account.

Ellie stripped off the university insignia top she’d been given and opened her laptop, finding a new e-mail from Salihah.

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