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“You can start in the sub shop, that’s easy enough.  People tell you what to make and you make it.  An obedient girl like yourself can handle that, right?”

“Yes Sir,” Ellie smiled at Julian, the food service manager who’d taken time from his kitchen duties to train her.  He seemed happy to be out doing something different, and had told her as much when she’d arrived five minutes early for her first three hour shift.  She’d been put on for twelve hours her first week and eight the week after that.  With so few students and staff on campus there wasn’t much need for workers yet.  She hoped the hours would pick up once the school year started, but then she realized she’d be preoccupied with her studies.

Still, it was better than nothing, and Julian was easy enough to get along with, a short skinny black man who seemed to have an aversion to standing still.  He pointed out the locations of all the stuff she’d need, where to get more when they needed replacing, and all the other basics for making subs and sandwiches for the university’s students and staff.

Liz had retreated back into a kitchen somewhere to perform his own duties and while she was disappointed they wouldn’t be working directly with one another, she conceded that she probably didn’t need the distraction.  After several minutes of spiel, Julian also disappeared, leaving Ellie to run the counter alone.  ‘Oh god, what if I screw up, what if someone’s a dick to me, what if I fuck up someone’s order?’ Ellie’s mind went over possibility upon possibility as she scanned the mostly empty Acworth Hall and willed people to stay away.

“What’s up bitch,” A familiar voice broke into her worrying and Ellie looked up to see Kenzi having entered unseen from the side door.  “I couldn’t stay away on your first day, could I?  Love the outfit.”

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