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“Remove your clothes.”  George never needed the order, and he was in fact halfway through undoing his belt already.  But Diosa’s accent coupled with the resolute authority in her voice always made him shudder and always made his chastity device fit tighter.

Diosa stared at him with disdain as he stripped to nothing in their warm four person townhouse, casting a glance about to see if their housemates were there to greet him.  They were not.  She took the Little George IV in her hands, the custom molded plastic device that had taken four tries to get right.  George’s cock, while average when hard, was much longer and thicker than most men soft and thus none of the cookie cutter chastity devices they found online would fit.  Luckily the school had its own line of sex toys and the means to custom build them.  When Diosa had finally slid the current device over George’s soft cock, and locked it into place to find no unseemly looseness or pinching, she’d given him a smile that attempted to stiffen him right there.  He’d known things were about to change.

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