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Ellie traced her fingertips along Liz’s forearm, a belt of warmth wrapped around her body, his hand resting gently against her breasts.  She’d begun her time at the University sleeping in her usual attire, a pair of airy shorts and an old tank top.  Soon the tank top had given way leaving just the shorts.  Then the shorts had turned to panties.  Now she slept naked, as close to the boxer-clad Liz as she could possibly get.

She felt him stir behind her, no doubt awakened by her subtle movements, his cock pressing into her like an iron baton trapped between them.  He squeezed her beasts, his favorite part of her body if his constant gropes were any indication, and she leaned into him, allowing him to caress what he owned as he pleased.

He was always touching her, whether it was cupping her breasts from behind while she sat at the computer, squeezing her ass when she passed by him in the room, or running his hands over her stomach or legs as they laid and watched movies together.  But she never considered them to be intrusions, merely reminders, and in his touch there was as much a desire to simply be close to her as there was to use her as a sexual object.

Liz kissed the back of her neck as he touched her, his free hand sliding downward and parting her thighs.  They hadn’t done any bondage since he’d tied her up for the first time two days previous, but their dynamic was always unmistakably clear.