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Ellie and Kenzi presented Ash with far more of a challenge than tracking down his lover had.  He could drop them a message on the school’s directory of course, but he wanted to see if he could find them in person.  He ran through questions in his head remembering their earlier conversation in the library.  Would the two girls leave?  Would the separate?  Possibly, especially if called by their Doms.  But, did the girls have Doms that would so demand their presence or their attention?

He glanced at his phone.  Perhaps he was overthinking things.  It was almost seven o’clock in the evening and neither Kenzi nor Ellie struck him as early morning people.  Or early afternoon.  Or early evening.  They were probably getting dinner, which would be late for most of the campus, but about on time for them.  The decision made, he traversed the short path from the Administration building to Acworth Hall, the most popular dining spot and one of the closest to Williams Castle.

“I hope I’m not intruding,” Ash said, stepping onto the landing between the first and second floors and introducing himself to Liz.