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A large black man stood from the loveseat behind Kenzi and Ellie, rounding the end to sit on the one across from them.  “Sorry to eavesdrop, I’m Ash, I’m an RA, I thought I might be able to help.”

He looked familiar to Ellie, and in a flash it came back to her, their brief meeting when Cutter had led her around campus before her eventual meeting with Liz.  Ash had been keeping an eye on the departed Whitson Brantley.

He was even larger than Ellie remembered, and though he did not smile, she found a trustworthiness in him.  Kenzi, meanwhile, was busy trying to look up his nylon shorts that had fallen to leave a slight teardrop shaped opening near one of his massive thighs.

“My eyes are up here,” Ash said, and then Ellie saw a smile, wide and genuine and humble, lacking entirely the mirth of Kenzi’s or the hidden knowledge of Liz’s.

Kenzi displayed said grin as she slowly wound her gaze upwards, finally meeting Ash face to face.  “Damn.  Are you…”

“Strictly monogamous,” Ash said.  “Though perhaps you’d be interested in my Salihah.”  He turned to Ellie.  “Is she always like this?”

Ellie laughed, “as far as I know,” she answered, earning a punch on the shoulder from Kenzi.

“It sounds like you and your Dom have a good thing going,” Ash said to Kenzi.  “You communicate, even though he’s not a big talker, you’re both fine with polyamory, neither one of you seems jealous about it.  What’s the problem?”

“I don’t knowww,” Kenzi sighed.  “I know it doesn’t make sense but I just…I…ergh, I don’t know.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“Yes!” Kenzi said, quickly looking around to see if there was someone around to yell at her for her outburst.  When no stern librarian appeared, she turned back to the conversation.  “Yes,” she said more quietly, but there was something in her eyes.  Doubt?

“Why?”  Ash keyed in on it, leaning back and intertwining his fingers behind his head.  Ellie could see the calm logic in him that made him well suited to the duties of an RA.  She admired him in that regard, and wondered what his major was, her own uncertainties surfacing in her mind.

“Because…” Kenzi started, immediately stalling.  “Because I thought I had myself figured out…” she trailed off.  “Oh,” she realized.  “Well that blows.”

Ash laughed, leaning back in the loveseat even further.  “You think it’s a bad thing that you don’t have all the answers?”

“Yes,” Kenzi faux pouted for a second.

“You don’t…I don’t know…” and this time Ellie could see a mirth in his eyes that was decidedly Kenzi-like, “think that perhaps a girl as outspoken as you might benefit from the adventure of figuring oneself out?”

“Hm,” Kenzi said, this time leaning back in the loveseat herself.

“If you thought you had it all figured out…what were you planning on doing once you got here?  Sitting back and enjoying the same old shit for four years?”

“I…don’t know,” Kenzi admitted.

“Well now you get to do some exploring,” Ash said.  “And something tells me that suits you very well.  What’s your major?”

“I haven’t chosen one yet,” Kenzi admitted, which surprised Ellie.  For a girl that seemed like she had so much of her life together, she was sure uncertain of a lot.

“Might I suggest pornography?” Ash said.  “I think that might be the best way to find the variety you crave.  Not to mention the sheer amount of fucking.”  This time it was his turn to grin.

For all that the conversation appeared to be helping Kenzi, Ellie felt doubt creeping into her.  She had no such answers for herself and no one coming forth to answer them.  Kenzi was so transparent Ellie surmised that the girl did in fact know what she wanted somewhere in her head, she just needed someone to draw it out for her.

But what did it say that her ‘big sister’ was so lost?  They were more equals than Ellie had previously thought, and she wasn’t sure that that was a good thing.  She’d started to see Kenzi as a force of stability in a world that had been to that point tumultuous.  If she wasn’t that for her, who was?

“Now we need to figure you out,” Kenzi poked her in the ribs, drawing her from her reverie, and instilling some comfort back into her.  Kenzi may not have been as observant and analytical as Ash, but she sure had an instinctive way of cutting to the heart of matters.

Ash grinned and stood.  “Glad I could help ladies.  Until next time.”  He gave a short nod and then strode from the room, book in hand.  He would have liked to have stayed in the library, but with Kenzi’s and Ellie’s arrival, it had ceased being a cocoon of solitude.  But as he talked with the two young ladies, he realized that his desire for the serenity of the locale and the comforts of his book had waned, and that he craved something else.

Salihah had spent much of the afternoon observing Jumu’ah, the Friday prayer, with the other Muslim students on campus.  Ash knew that most had their own slightly different traditions and rituals depending on their countries of origin, but that they nonetheless took solace in the community they’d forged at the University, and that their communal prayer was important to them.

He’d long wanted to go with Salihah, to observe, and had thought about asking on several occasions, but he just couldn’t bring himself to insert himself haphazardly into her heritage.

He had no such rituals, no religious ones anyway, he and his brothers having been raised in a scientific and decidedly atheist household.  A small part of him envied faith, or at least the history and community that came with it, but a much larger part didn’t see the point at all.

But with Salihah’s rituals, and Ash’s duties as an RA, had come absence from one another and Ash had a desire to rectify that, and so he went in search of his servant.  Salihah was not in their dorm, which pleased Ash more than frustrated him.  It was a puzzle, and the means to figure it out lie in how well he knew his servant.

She wouldn’t have gone somewhere she couldn’t be easily found if duty called, and she always ate with Ash so she wasn’t sitting in some dining hall.  That left two possibilities, the library where he’d just come from as she was as avid a reader as he, or giving a massage in one of the University’s dungeons or lounges.

Conventional wisdom said that were she also buried somewhere in the library, that she might at some point have alerted Ash to her presence, but that was incorrect.  Salihah, more than anyone, understood his need for solitude.  She might approach him if she suspected he’d gone off to stew about something, but if he had merely gone to read, as he had, she would leave him alone.

He played a hunch and walked around the library towards Rebell hall.  The Wenona Rec. center hosted most of the school’s physical therapy department, which was Salihah’s major and craft, but it was largely relegated to the basement.  Salihah preferred the sunnier spaces of Rebell Hall’s upper floors, and there were certainly no shortage of rooms to reserve with most of the students off campus.

He found her in what he knew was always her first choice, a small room on the top floor of Rebell hall.  The skylight made up almost the entirety of the sloped roof allowing the room’s lighting to almost never be used save for nighttime appointments and its single piece of furniture and large window made the room bright enough and empty enough that it almost seemed outdoors.  The table, with straps and restraints and wings that could be swung out, was better for restraint and torture, but it suited her purposes as a massage table just fine.

Ash took a quick glance in through the door’s small elevated window to confirm that he was in the right place, then took a seat on one of the benches a few doors down the hall, opening his book to read once more.  Like Salihah, Ash knew when his partner preferred to be alone, and he wouldn’t dare intrude on one of her clients unless specifically requested.  It wasn’t completely out of the ordinary, sometimes they liked to have someone watching, and he was never one to turn down neither the lovely sight of a naked student, nor the opportunity to watch Salihah do what she did best.

After a quarter hour the door opened and Salihah’s appointment and her client walked out, a short buxom black girl that must have been a joy to touch.  Ash noted that she had yet to button up her blouse and took full advantage of the view.

“Oh, are you my four-thirty?” Salihah asked with the softness of a feather and the mischief of a fox.

“I had more carnal pursuits in mind,” Ash said, closing his book and standing.

“So did I.”

Salihah often preferred the looser and more traditional conservative coverings of Muslim women in Egypt, especially during the summer when the loose and airy garments offered both cool and protection from the sun.  When she worked though, such things often made her feel encumbered, restricted, and far away from her clients.  She wore instead lycra pants and a form fitting racerback tank top, both of which looked like they’d been painted on, black against her already dark skin.  It was a good match for Ash’s own clothes, black unassuming nylon shorts and a dark tee.

“Take off your clothes,” Ash commanded in his low even voice, the one that left no room for disobedience.

Salihah seemed to merely shiver out of the tight garments, pulling them off so quickly and so fluidly that Ash barely had time to blink.  “Better,” he nodded his approval, leading her into the room and shutting the door.

He guided her over to the table and this time it was her turn to lay down.  He set her prostrate on her back, buckling her wrists and ankles into the medical restraints on the wings and locking them into place in a spread shape.  He grabbed her by the neck and squeezed, hard enough so that only a trickle of air could escape.

“I could break you in half,” he said, flexing his muscles and pinching off that last bit of opening.

“I know,” she gasped when he released her, a knowing grin showing in her eyes.  “But you won’t.  That’s why I love you.”  He reached down to adjust the piece that supported her head, hinging it backwards beneath the table until she stared straight back at him.  He stepped on the pedal that adjusted the table’s height and then finally disrobed himself, his large cock hanging limp in front of her face.

Without prompting, she stretched and sucked it in her mouth, allowing him to penetrate her fully until he hit the resistance of her throat.  It only took a few minutes of thrusting to make him hard and to make his ownership of her mouth significantly less comfortable.  But she liked it that way, she liked the struggle, the suspension of her own desires.  A servant serves because she must, not because she is comfortable.  And with her wrists and ankles locked into place and Ash’s cock pinning her head down, she had no choice in the matter.

She knew Ash would be finished when he was finished, and her job was to make that as enjoyable and as quick as possible.  With her being restrained, there was little she could do in that regard, but keep her teeth out of the way and try to lick the right spots.

Ash grabbed her breasts, squeezing them and using them as leverage to thrust in and out of her mouth.  However his eyes were planted firmly on her hips, Salihah’s slender frame giving way to a surprisingly wide flat stomach with what seemed like miles of skin between her navel and her smooth hairless pussy.  It was always that expanse of skin that he focused on, directing his eyes downward to her sex.  He liked to lick his way down, slowly getting closer and closer until she couldn’t take it anymore and did something to prompt him to speed things along.  It was equally fun punishing her for such indiscretions.

Today’s exercise was a reminder though, a reminder of the power he held over her and of her duties as his servant, for nothing other than the enjoyment of it.  Every time his cock slid between Salihah’s soft full lips, he wondered why he didn’t use her mouth more often.  It seemed perfectly shaped for his cock, taking him with ease and not even dreaming of hitting him with teeth.

He loved the way she looked as she lay now, helpless, her mouth opening and her throat filling with each thrust, yielding to his indefatigable hardness.  She made a soft thwocking sound as her saliva covered his dick, turning everything into a wet mess.  He loved the way his balls smacked into her face, an ever present reminder of his dominance.  He loved the way she was spread out before him, servicing him physically and visually.  He loved that this way he had his choice of places to cum, that any of them would be as enjoyable for him as it would be humiliating for her.

As Salihah’s lips drew him closer, he pulled out, stroking himself over her, her saliva dripping onto her own face.  She took his choice impassively, as any good servant, waiting for her duty to be complete.  Ash dipped, allowing Salihah to lick and suck his balls as he stroked himself, gripping her breast with his free hand and enjoying the show.

“Ungh, fuck yeah,” he moaned as he felt the first stream rise, spurting in a long thick white line across Salihah’s dark skin, stretching from just above her pussy to her breasts.  Several more followed, painting white streaks, marking his property.  As he finished they became shorter and less powerful, the last few dribbling onto Salihah’s neck and face.

Ash snapped several photos with his phone, allowing his heavy cock to grow limp and rest on her face, an added humiliation to acting as his servant.  When satisfied, he pulled away and undid her restraints.

Like most of the public use rooms on campus, this one had a small wash station in the corner with a short hose attached to a showerhead and a drain in the floor.  Ash held Salihah against the wall as he washed her off, allowing her the dignity and comfort of warm water before turning the stream on himself for a few short seconds, being much less of a mess than his willowy counterpart.

“Did you have plans for the afternoon?” Salihah asked him as she watched him dress.

“I do not, that’s why I came looking for you,” he replied, nodding for her to redress.

She raised an eyebrow.  “Racquetball?”

“Pass,” Ash replied.  “Handball?”  She thought for another long moment and then nodded, following him out the doors of Rebell hall and across the short walk to the rec. center.  The weight room was fairly full, but the two large bays, which could be split into four full size basketball courts with netting, were relatively empty.  They selected one and grabbed two handball nets, about ten feet wide by seven feet tall and set them up at the foul lines facing one another.

“Play to 21, win by two?” Ash asked.  Salihah nodded, taking a brief moment to stretch before positioning herself just inside the three point arc.  The game was simple, they’d alternate shooting on one another from just outside their respective nets, scoring one point for a regular goal and two points for any shot that went in on one or more bounces.

Ash had brute strength, but Salihah was slightly more athletic making most of their contests a question of whether or not his aim was good enough to power shots past her.  He started off by thundering a shot straight at her chest, which she caught with ease, her wiry limbs cushioning the impact.  She responded with a windmilling underhand shot that sunk quickly and picked up speed as it bounced, finding net behind a stumbling Ash.  His height made the low shots difficult and she always took full advantage.

Ash slipped off his shirt before retrieving the ball.  Salihah wasn’t the only one who could take advantage of weaknesses.  It wasn’t so much that his body held her in rapt drooling arousal, it just gave her something she might occasionally want to glance at.  It was a small edge, but it was an edge.

He rattled a shot off the post, sending the net skittering back a few feet.  Salihah retrieved the ball in one smooth motion, checked to make sure she was behind the line, and whistled a shot past Ash for a 3-0 advantage.  For all his gamesmanship, it was he who’d been caught with his eyes tracing the contours of her body when they should have been watching the ball.

They traded points for several minutes before Ash got into a rhythm and racked up several goals in a row.  Salihah had let at one point 13-6, but he finished off a 21-17 victory with a shot that bounced in off the left post.

“Good game,” he breathed, realizing he’d exerted himself more than he’d thought.  Likewise Salihah was panting and sweating, even as she cooled down by helping him drag the nets back into their place.  He slung an arm around her waist as they traversed the short path back to Moraxian’s Hall, leaning his head on top of hers while they walked.

They always turned heads when they strolled through campus, and it was always for a different reason, either Ash’s sheer size, or Salihah’s beauty, or surprise at her so often being nude.  This day was no different, though the eyes were fewer and Ash allowed Salihah to walk slightly ahead of him, proudly showing off his love to the world.

“How was the library?” she asked as she led him to the showers and began washing him.

“Eventful,” Ash replied, eliciting a raised eyebrow.  He then told her of Kenzi’s inner turmoil and what he’d gleaned from watching Ellie out of the corner of his eye.

“You should have sent them to me,” Salihah said, a small grin playing across her lips, the nurturer within her empathizing and wishing she could off her services.

“Sometimes people need comforts, sometimes they need solutions,” Ash said.  “Sometimes they need a kick in the ass.”

“What do Kenzi and Ellie need?” Salihah asked.

“Kenzi probably needs all three,” Ash said, turning his attention, and the soap, to Salihah’s lean body.  “Ellie just needs time, I think.  Actually they both need that.”

“You remember when we first met,” Salihah said, ducking her six foot four frame under the showerhead so she could wash her hair.

“It took me forever to get you naked,” Ash grinned.

“You were terrified of hurting me,” Salihah shot back.

He gripped her waist and lifted her into his arms, taking care not to bump her head against the ceiling as he did so.  “Can you blame me?” he asked, setting her back down with ease.

She turned her back to him and pulled his massive arms around her.  “Certainly not.  How goes your search?” She changed the subject.

“I just read at the library.  I didn’t do any research.  I’m wondering more and more what the point of it all is.”

“I hope you’re not thinking of giving up,” Salihah said.  Ash’s search for something, anything, that could tell him about his parents or his heritage had been a part of him for as long as she’d known him.  With her emigration to the United States where she could uncover herself or play sports without earning ire or disgust from the men around her, she largely felt like her life battle had already been won.  Ash’s had raged like the hopeless stand of a dying cause for years, and she had tried to undertake that as her own, but there was only so much she could offer.

“It’s not that,” Ash said.  “It’s not that I feel answers are hopeless.  Not all the time anyway.  I just wonder if getting answers means all that much to me anymore.  I always thought that learning where I come from was the final piece to the puzzle of who I am, but the more time I spend with you and the more I talk to my brothers, I’m not sure that’s true anymore.”

“Mm,” Salihah murmured, holding his hands over her stomach as they basked in the warmth of the shower.  “Are you finished?”  She could feel him nod behind her and turned off the water.

“I just don’t know what comes next,” Ash said.  “You know, if I give u-,” he caught and adjusted his phrasing, “if I stop researching…I don’t know what comes next.”  He laughed and at once Salihah spotted the irony.

“It’s a good thing Kenzi can’t see you now,” she said, leading him back to their room.




“You think our counseling staff are a failure,” Arrington challenged.  She didn’t mean it of course, but something about Ash brought out a combative streak in her.  It was perhaps that, despite not containing a submissive bone in her body, Ash brought her closer to that than anyone else had.

“Not at all,” Ash said, keeping his calm while Salihah sat next to, and slightly behind him in the chairs set up to accommodate Dominants and submissive in Arrington’s office.  “But I think the school only approaches things from one angle.”

“How so?”

Ash smiled.  “As a Domme, you are no doubt aware of the power of intimidation you hold, particularly to newer submissives.

“Mmm,” Arrington acknowledged, her mind jetting to Ellie’s barely skirted ass, and then to Dylan’s adorable nudity.

“And how that intimidation can produce reticence and silence in submissives.”

Arrington nodded.  “Your point is well taken,” she said.  “I suspect you would next say that the same rings true for those in positions of authority, be they, the school’s Headmistress.”  She smiled.  “Or one of the school’s counselors, regardless of how submissive they themselves might be.  It can be difficult to confide in someone you don’t see as an equal.”

“Yeah, that’s about it,” Ash said, a little surprised.  He had heard that Arrington was the sharpest person on campus, but he’d yet to get a live show until then.

“I agree, I think that support groups, student run support groups, that have a University advisor of course, are an excellent idea.  In variety, and not just one for new students as you’ve mentioned.  Although giving said new students,” she thought again to Ellie “a place of comfort where they can learn that they are not alone is perhaps of particular importance.”

“You’re right,” Ash said.  His pitch had been a support group for new students like Ellie and Kenzi who were still forging their paths.  The University curriculum would help, no doubt, but they’d learn far more from each other than they ever would in class.

“And I take it you are your own nomination to head the group for new students?”

“Actually, that would be me,” Salihah said, making her presence known for the first time.

“I am a problem solver,” Ash explained.  “Sali is a listener.”

“I see.”  Arrington drummed her fingers on the desk for several moments.  “Mister Johnson, what is your major?”

“Cultural Studies,” Ash said, a bit puzzled.

“I would consider adding courses in management and psychology,” she said.  “The arm of the Counseling department that is going to oversee these support groups is no doubt going to need to grow, and quickly.  I’d like for you to be ready when you graduate.”

“Yes Ma’am,” he could think of nothing else to say, beaming inwardly at Arrington’s show of faith in him.  He knew he was a competent RA, even, at times, a very good RA, but this seemed like another step entirely.

“I’ll contact the Admissions Counselors and Safe Practices Officers to see who is interested in advising this group.  Ms…”


“Ms Haddad, I’d like to see a formal outline for how you envision this group and how you intend to run it.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Arrington smiled, finally relaxing her posture slightly.  She drummed her fingers on the desk once more for several seconds before standing up.  “I believe that will be all from me.”

“Thank you Headmistress,” Ash said, standing and giving her a curt nod before exiting her office with Salihah trailing close behind.

“Are you sure this isn’t too much work with being a masseuse?  It’s not going to interfere?”

“Quite the opposite,” Salihah said with a small grin.  “If I’m any kind of businesswoman, this should be a good way to gain new clients.  Besides, this is too important.”

Ash nodded, remembering Whitson.  “I’m going to find Kenzi and Ellie,” he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.  “No doubt you have a lot to do.”  Salihah nodded, picking up her pace as the two parted, her long strides carrying her back to Moraxian’s Hall with purpose.