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The first three episodes of Pages from the University de Sade will be simul-posted here for free. After that they will be available for purchase at $.99 per episode, linked here (with previews) with every sixth episode simul-posted for free.

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Dylan leaned back in his chair, his fingers sore from hours of exertion and his wrists sore from hours of not moving.  Empress Kari had bested him.  Again.  She was just a different caliber of gamer than he, with immaculate reflexes and perfect precision to his measured cautious approaches.  His plodding, thinking, strategic style might have helped him in RPGs and strategy games but in games like shooters that were all reaction she was out of his league.

A knock on the door roused him from an extensive and barely comforting stretching of his limbs and he rose without thinking to answer it.  When he peered through the frame, he found a familiar face that put his heart in his throat and his cock at full attention in just a few seconds.  He didn’t even notice Headmistress Arrington’s companion, one of the burly men who’d helped Empress Kari unload her things.

“Hello again my dear,” Arrington purred as she entered the room, leaving the man standing in the hall with yet another dolly.  Dylan acknowledged his presence for the first time, quickly glancing away as he realized his muscular physique was even less covered than he.

“Do take a look,” Arrington said.  “See what happens when you do a less than exemplary job for the Headmistress.”

When Dylan turned back he saw the man’s cock was encased in the thin spider-webbed steel of a chastity device.  Further, his thighs and Dylan could only imagine his ass, bore the red marks of a thorough caning.


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