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The first three episodes of Pages from the University de Sade will be simul-posted here for free. After that they will be available for purchase at $.99 per episode, linked here (with previews) with every sixth episode simul-posted for free.

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Adam Cutter was fond of the paths that wandered through the substantial woods within the University’s gates.  His favorite was probably the long stretch to the south between the beach and the Pope’s Reliquaries.  Because it didn’t stand directly in between the two areas, or anything else for that matter, it was often completely empty.  However, its location, far from Cutter’s apartment, would make the game…somewhat difficult.

Instead Cutter made his way through the dense portions of wood on the opposite side of campus, near the state highway and the University’s main gate.  Despite the more traveled locale, this path wasn’t one of the ones the University had paved over and several times already he’d thought he’d wandered off only to see it pick up again as he continued.  It didn’t help matters that the trees blotted out most of the starlight and moonlight and his cell phone light could only see a few feet into the darkness, and it was rapidly dying.

He was out there somewhere, Cutter knew.  Probably watching, definitely waiting.  Waiting for the right moment.  He was often surprised to find out later how much Damien had watched him, how long he’d been stalking him, unnoticed except for the knowing feeling that there was another soul in the night.

Right now Cutter could definitely feel eyes on him and he stopped to slowly shine the light in a circle through the trees, searching for some sign of his partner.  But if Damien was out there, he gave no trace of himself.  He never did.  Cutter continued his walk.


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