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The first three episodes of Pages from the University de Sade will be simul-posted here for free. After that they will be available for purchase at $.99 per episode, linked here (with previews) with every sixth episode simul-posted for free.

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Ash lay face down on a massage table planted in the sand at the center of his room.  His naked body nearly overwhelmed the table, even though it had been custom built to accommodate his six foot eight frame and considerable weight.  The white noise of ocean waves wafted out of wall mounted speakers and if he shut his eyes he could almost imagine himself laying on a beach somewhere being tended to by beautiful masseuses.

The latter part rang true as Salihah oiled her hands and began on his feet.  She could feel the tension within him, the rising soreness of the fatigue of having to deal with University officials regarding Whitson.  She could feel too the anger bubbling beneath the surface that betrayed his calm façade.  Whitson’s reign of damage was at an end.  And there was nothing he could have done to prevent it.  He knew that.  But it was of little consolation.

Salihah stepped away to drop her robe.  She preferred working this way, with nothing standing between the contact of flesh on flesh.  Her body was almost the polar opposite of Ash’s; he was the epitome of man, tall, impossibly strong, in charge, and she was a waifish specter, tall herself, but light and airy.  She was a tree branch to his gale force wind.  Except for now.  Now she could do to him what no one else could.

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